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And all the devils are here…

Demon!Connor AU

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Maybe I’ll make you an ashtray for Father’s Day.

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Everyone Has A Past || Charlie & Connor



Charlie forced herself to smile softly, so she could convince him. “Yeah, I promise.” 

"You know I dontlike saying im like my dad but I can tell a liar like he can from a mile off"



He drove down there and jumped of the car “Let’s go see your cool trick”


Jumping out of the car, she grinned at him before gesturing him to follow her. “Get ready to be amazed.”


He smiled running after her “I am ready to have my mind blown”

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"That’s not what I said.  But my problems aren’t your problems."

"They should be"

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"Daddy" Connor shouted as he ran to his Dad who was just getting out of the car (He feels bad for being a dick)



Bass scooped his son up into his arms, beaming.  ”Hey, Connor. You got big while I was away.”  His second tour had felt at least three times longer than the first— probably because this time, he’d had a family to miss.


Bass burst out laughing.  ”Having fun, kid?”

"I’m winning" Connor giggled



Connor ate his burger slowly because he liked to savour the taste


Emma couldn’t manage to eat a whole burger by herself so she decides to save the rest for later. She does, however, finish up all her fries and reaches over to sneak some of her son’s.


Connor slapped her hand “Finish your burger and then we will talk”


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